Noah Christian was born 1994 in Wolfsburg, Germany and grown in an Italian /Spanish family. He moved with 18 years to Spain to came closer his dream to be one day a worldwide recognizable Fashion Designer and Modiste. He is now based in La Coruña, Spain after studying fashion & accessories design. He also learned moulage techniques and completed sewing courses.

    Having graduated the last year 2017 at Superior and Fashion Design School Goymar Galicia in La Coruña. From an early age, Noah Christian has demonstrated his passion for fashion and Japanese craftsmanship.
    Noah Christian’s world called #NCuniverse is a universe full of reflective lights (colorful ideas and creations) inspired by the Japanese martial arts and astronomy, mixed with his unique view in fashion. Noah Christian’s creations went through a deeply creative process and unique Moulage techniques and patterns.
    The favorite materials and fabrics of the brand are neoprene, satin and mikado-silk combined with reflective stripes.
    The concept of the brand Made in Spain NC is clear, it is about mixing the avant-garde and the commercial, without ever neglecting the uniqueness, directing to a strong, bold and confident customer.
    Most of the products are produced at Noah Christian Studio – Atelier in La Coruña.
    The products are all 100% MADE IN SPAIN.
    Noah Christian emerges as a new talent at NJAL and has presented his latest Spring / Summer 2019 collection IN-SON-DA-BI-LE,  at the Paris Fashion Week. He was also featured with the latest collection IN-SON-DA-BI-LE in 3 Vanity Fair UK issues in 2018.

    Skills: Languages:
    Photoshop German
    Corel Draw Spanish
    Google SketchUp Italian
    Illustration English
    Cut and confection Arabic
    Pattern cutting & Moulage


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