Night falls in Shinjuku but the bustle continues. A paradoxically harmonious chaos of lights and sound stimulates thousands of people who cross paths, look at each other, laugh and float, and it is this almost magical sensation that Noah Christian expresses, through different looks, in Lights of Tokyo 23. The utilitarian and urban Japanese-inspired clothing is reinterpreted and evolves thanks to silhouettes presented under two premises: sporty and festive, through bright fabrics and technical materials.

The colors of the collection, with black and navy blue as the common thread, flow between acid green, bubblegum pink, baby blue and pearly white.

As for the fabrics, true to the brand’s values, Noah Christian is committed to sustainability by reusing fabric remnants from previous collections such as silk and waterproof mikados and rescuing from stock remnants, taffeta, satin, denim, washed silk and recycled neoprene. In addition, couture fabrics such as maxi sequin embroidered tulle and jacquard with glitter appliqués are incorporated.

“Emotions, in fact, do not follow a fixed order. Rather, and like the particles of the ether, they prefer to flutter freely and float eternally tremulous and changeable.”

Yukio Mishima