The Chaotic Silence collection takes its source of inspiration from the
writing of ancient Egypt. Representing remnants of the twelve codexes of
papyrus discovered near the town of Nag Hammadi (about 100 km away
from Luxor).

The need to be original, to reinvent yourself and not to get carried away by
stereotypes of society is something I wanted to review with this sample.
Let’s visualize the following, a dark cave only illuminated by a
lantern; a woman; on the cobblestone and sandy floor of the cave a bulge; the
woman crouched digging with the nails the surface of the floor; a
dark cover, of what apparently seems skin, exposed; some shivering hands
that collect and clean the cover; opens the cover and does not give credit to
the beauty found inside that rudimentary book; with
disbelief, she closes the eyes; in her mind, an idea is born, she wants that all the world observes the beauty that she has in her hands; when she opens them again, she finds a blank piece of paper in which only
some hieroglyphics are visible; Embarrassed by this, she leaves the cave.

The project shows the passage of time and the erosion that the
meteorological agents exercise on the codexes.
This gives the collection mysticism and a touch of confusion, as both the sheets burned as the yellowish paper creates the propitious environment for the mind to make an astral voyage and recreate a story. But there will be different stories depending on the person who is looking at it, caused by the confusion of not knowing 100% of the real story that each design codex contains.
Since what you can see in it are hieroglyphics.